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Setting-up Google Login

How to create a Google Cloud Project

Before we can enable a Google login for our academy, we need to set-up first a Google Cloud project.

If you already have a Google Cloud project, you may skip this section and proceed to the next one.

If not, then simply follow the instructions below for your first Google Cloud Project.

By creating a project, we will be able to get 2 things we need for this set-up, the Client ID and the Client Secret.

Step 1: Go to

Step 2: Login using your Gmail

Step 3: Create a Project

Click "Select Project" on the upper corner of the screen 👉 then click NEW PROJECT


Step 4: Provide Project name and then click "Create"


Set-up 0Auth Consent Screen

Now that we already have a Google Cloud project, the next step is to set-up our 0Auth Consent Screen.

On your project's dashboard, use the left side-bar menu and go to the ff:

Step 1: click APIs and Services 👉 0Auth consent screen


Step 2: Choose External and click Create


Step 3: Fully Configure the App Information

Once all required fields are configured, click "Save and Continue"


Step 4: Add Scopes

Add the following scopes:


  • userinfo.profile

  • openid

After that, scroll the right side menu all the way down


Then click "Update"


After updating, you should see the summary of the added scopes

Click "Save and Continue"


Step 5: Add test users


After adding, click "Save and Continue"


Step 6: Review summary

After that, you should see the summary similar to the below screenshot.


Then click the "Back To Dashboard" button

Step 7: Publish your App

Click "Publish APP"


Then click "Confirm"


Creating Client ID and Client Secret

After we have full configured our 0Auth Consent Screen, it's time to create our Client ID and Client Token.

Step 1: Click Create Credentials 👉0Auth Client ID


Step 2: Configure your Client ID

  • Choose "Web Application" on the Application type

  • Add your Brand name

  • Under Authorized JavaScript origins, add your Academy URL

  • Under Authorized Redirect URIs, add this url

After that click "Create"


Step 3: Copy the Client ID and Client Secret


Add the Client ID and Client Secret on your Smaartr IO Academy Settings:

Finally, add the Client ID and Client secret on your Academy settings

Then click Save


That's it!

If all things are followed, you should now have a working Google login for your Academy.

If you need further help, create a support ticket.